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The Automatic Benefit for Children (ABC) Coalition is a diverse, intersectional group of national, state, and grassroots organizations committed to advancing a child allowance that provides families with regular, meaningful assistance, promotes racial and economic justice, enjoys broad public support, and serves as a foundation for a more equitable and inclusive social support system. Founded in 2021 by the Center for the Study of Social Policy and the Children’s Defense Fund, the ABC Coalition has been a formal platform for sharing ideas, research, and educational opportunities to advance a child allowance. The ABC Coalition sees the Child Tax Credit (CTC) as a way to achieve a true child allowance in the U.S. and is actively advocating for a permanent, enhanced, and fully inclusive CTC and working with the Administration to advance equity in how tax benefits like the CTC are administered. 

The direction of the Coalition’s work is set by the Parent and Caregiver Advisory Board (PAB), a group of parents and caregivers from different backgrounds, from across the country, with the goal of centering parent, family, and community knowledge and expertise in policymaking. As part of this work, the PAB, with robust partnership with members of the Coalition, developed a set of principles that can guide advocates and policymakers in the fight for a permanent, inclusive, and transformative child allowance program.

Building power and centering parent wisdom in the fight for a child allowance has always been at the core of the PAB’s work. We believe that our collective efforts will dramatically shift our nation toward a more fair, just, and equitable society. With your support, the Parent and Caregiver Advisory Board can continue to do the crucial work that will support all children, youth, and families.

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